International Low-Carbon Energy Technology Platform

Cross-cutting Analysis

The Technology Platform aims to facilitate analysis on a small number of emerging or key issues of a cross-cutting nature.

 International collaboration on low-carbon energy technologies: gaps and opportunities

Recent years have seen an increase in international efforts aimed at fostering collaboration and innovation in low-carbon energy technologies. Such initiatives are beginning to make impressive contributions to global efforts to address energy and climate challenges. At the same time, these initiatives have varying mandates, missions and focus. The Technology Platform “Gaps project” seeks to complement and feed into that effort, focusing specifically on initiatives in the field of low-carbon energy technologies and including observations on existing coverage, gaps and opportunities for further collaboration.

Key Outputs: 

 Finance Initiative

In 2011, it launched a small project to build on existing IEA analyses to consider how to foster investment in renewable technologies, in particular Partner countries and regions.

Expert Workshops: