Partnership Meeting on Energy and Sustainability

Partnership Meeting on Energy and Sustainability The IEA and its member countries recognise that active engagement with non-member ‘partner countries’ is essential to the Agency’s mission to improve energy security, promote economic development and achieve environmental sustainability. This engagement is based on existing programmes of joint activities with many countries around the world; these have proceeded at different speeds and in different priority areas, responding to country circumstances, needs and interests. These programmes have been successful in building mutual confidence and understanding and the IEA is ready to continue and expand these models of bilateral co-operation.

Meeting together with their counterparts from China, India and Russia in 2009, IEA Ministers asked the IEA Secretariat to convene an international partnership meeting on energy and sustainability at senior official level in 2010. The first Partnership Meeting now provides a high-level forum for the IEA and a range of global partners, meeting on an equal footing, to discuss ways to improve international energy cooperation and to address common concerns such as market disruptions and the investment and technology challenges of a transitioning energy sector. The meeting also provides an opportunity to explore ways for broader, more structured co-operation to address global energy and sustainability challenges on a multilateral basis.


Preparatory Meeting, 8 July 2010: held in Jakarta and hosted by the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to discuss the agenda and to identify themes of common interest.

High-Level Meeting, 14 October 2010:  This meeting, to take place at the OECD in Paris, will welcome representatives at Director-General level from IEA Member countries and partner countries to discuss ways of co-operation on a multilateral basis.

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