Technology_Bulletin Networks of Expertise in Energy Technology

NEET is part of the IEA's programme supporting the G8 Gleneagles Plan of Action. It works to foster broader, more effective international co-operation, in particular with non-IEA countries.

Mission Statement

As part of their July 2005 pledge of concerted action to secure a "clean, clever and competitive energy future", G8 leaders invited IEA to help activate dynamic worldwide networks for energy technology research and development. Building on its existing "Implementing Agreement" programmes, the IEA is linking with the international business community, with policy makers, researchers and other stakeholders in many countries. It is working to enhance awareness of existing research, development and deployment networks and to facilitate broader participation. As part of the dialogue, the NEET Initiative works with non-IEA countries interested in hosting a workshop and helps them shape an agenda that addresses their energy technology needs.  The aim is to bring together experts from the IEA Technology Network and the host country, allowing the opportunity to identify areas of mutual interest and potential future collaboration.  See the NEET mission statement.